OutFit Department

OutFit Department was established with the sole intention of meeting day to day corporate requirements through commercial production specialization involving,the marketing world and production center for personalized service trends through state of the art Designing techniques using 2D and 3D modeling.


KnowledgeTalk® will find a range of resources to support you in your coaching, from online learning about aspects of coaching to community forums, technical content and more.We know what it takes to make successful Life Coach websites and how to have an online presence that is a profitable investment for your practice.

Intelligence Marketing

The Market Intelligence Co. provides a wide range of market intelligence, research services and methodologies. In fact, we are Middle East’s leading provider of customized industrial and business to business market research. Research projects are tailored to your business, your industry and your particular challenges


The eMA provides marketing resources, services, research, certifications, educational programs and events to its members and the marketing community. The eMA works with a number of organizations, companies and governments on issues related to eCommerce, multi-channel marketing and legislative issues.